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二零一五年十二月大学英语四六级考试已完成,许多试题刚开始瞩目参照答案进行估分。为便捷试题估分,我梳理了英语六级听力考试的答案,供参考。较短对话答案1. B. The dressing makes themixed salad very inviting.2. B. He is opening a newconsulting firm.3. B. The man may find thesupplies in the cabinet.4. D. He has to use amagnifying glass to see clearly.5. C. Redecorating heroffice.6. A. Shortage of containerships.7. A. Acolleague.8. C. Hold the banquet at a differentplace.宽对话答案ConversationOne9. D. He often goes backhome late for dinner.10. B. To discuss an urgentproblem.11. C. There is a sharpincrease in India's balance of payment deficit.ConversationTwo12. D. They have unrealisticexpectations about the other half.13. A. He is lucky to beable to do what he loves.14. B. It is allglamour.15. A.Amazed.短文答案Passage One16. B. Follow closely the fast development oftechnology.17. B. What type of personnel the team should becomposed of.18. D. A team manager should develop a certainset skills.Passage Two19. A. It is a program allowing people to shareinformation on the Web.20. B. He met with an entrepreneur named JimClark.21. B. They had confidence in his newideas.Passage Three22. A. Word-of-mouthadvertising.23. D. To build up theirreputation.24. D. By using the servicesof large advertising agencies.25. C. Pre-test alternative ads or commercialsin certain regions.短文问答答案26. eternal27. diminishing28. absolute29. succeed30. on a vast scale31. As regards32. used up33. disposing34. modification35.。



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